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We have a unique passion for wood turning and quality, and it shows in our materials, workmanship, and designs. With Carter and Son you get more than just a few hours of enjoyment, but a lifetime of workmanship, comfort and power. If you're looking for your new favorite tool, you've come to the right place.

Our tools are razor-sharp, and when we say razor, we mean razor. All the tools are machined from solid M42 High Speed Steel, an extremely durable, sharp grade of High Speed Steel. Not only is M42 HSS much sharper than other grades of steel, it is also much stronger because of its 10% cobalt content.

Every wood turner knows that their handle connects them to their work. That is exactly why we've designed our handles for power, safety and comfort. Each of our premium handles is turned from solid aircraft grade aluminum. Rather than being hollow or filled, our handles are solid, offering you extreme chatter reduction and maneuverability. In addition, the handles are meticulously designed for comfort while turning.

Each tool easily slips in and out of its handle once the two set screws are removed, allowing for quick interchangeability between different tools. We offer 6 different wood turning handle sizes, the table below describes which tools fit into which handle.