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Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisels
Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisels

Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisels - $74.95

Fishtail Chisels are perfect for reaching the back corners of half blind dovetails and paring other hard to reach areas. Their unique shape offers versatility for right and left hand recesses. 25 degree bevel. 0-1 Tool Steel, to hold a keen edge at lower bevel angles, and for ease of sharpening. Hardened to RC 60-62.

Lie-Nielsen Chisels have Maine-harvested Hornbeam handles. Individual chisels come with standard handles. Long handles are available in sets.

    Chisel Details
  • Bevel: 25 degrees
  • Handles: Maine-harvested Hornbeam
  • Steel: O1 Tool Steel hardened to Rc 60-62

Fishtail Chisel Demonstration - Sharpening the Fishtail and Corner Chisels
Deneb uses Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisel to make cleaning out your dovetails easier, then in the second video shows you a great way to get razor edges on these specialty chisels
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Normally ships in:
Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisel - 1/2 in.
   Price: $74.95  
0-24 Hours

Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisel - 3/8 in.
   Price: $74.95  
4-6 Weeks

Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisel - 5/8 in.
   Price: $74.95  
0-24 Hours

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