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Lie-Nielsen No.101 Violin Maker's Plane
ships in
4-6 Weeks

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Lie-Nielsen No.101 Violin Maker's Plane

Lie-Nielsen Violin Maker's Plane

This pocket-sized block plane is the smallest of our hand planes to feature a captive nut blade adjuster for precisely controlled depth of cut.

Loosely based on the Stanley No.101 block plane, the Lie-Nielsen Violin Makerís Plane features several significant improvements that put it in a class of its own. The body and cap are made from Manganese Bronze for extra weight, durability, and resistance to rust. The blade is 1/8 in. thick for chatter-free cuts and made from cryogenically treated A-2 steel for prolonged edge life. The addition of a finely controlled blade depth adjuster make this little workhorse perfect for detail-oriented jobs like instrument building or model making.

The body is 3 7/16 in. long x 1 3/16 in. wide x 1 5/8 in. tall. The blade is 7/8 in. wide x 1/8 in. thick and bedded at 18 degrees. Weight is 0.50 lbs.

Sorry, this plane is not included in our free bar of Craftsman Studio Plane Sole Wax offer

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 Lie-Nielsen No.101 Violin Maker's Plane
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  Lie-Nielsen No.101 Violin Maker's Plane
   Price: $95.00  
4-6 Weeks

Plane Sock - Small - Block Planes - Scrapers
   Price: $8.50  
2-3 Weeks

Craftsman Studio Plane Sole Wax - 1.8 oz. Bar
   Price: $4.95  
0-24 Hours

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