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  Woodworking Files & Auriou Woodworking Rasps from Craftsman Studio

Woodworking Files, Floats, and Rasps

Woodworking files, floats, and rasps are all toothed steel cutting tools, but the way they work is quite different.

Our plane makers and joinery floats made in USA by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks have teeth which are identical in design and function—only the shapes of the tools differ. They leave a very smooth finish and are easily sharpened with a triangular file.

Auriou woodworking rasps from France offer unique properties found only in handmade tools. They cut quickly and very smoothly due to the hand-stiched teeth and superior forging and polishing involved in the process. These tools are not inexpensive due to the amount of hand work involved in each tool, but they are certainly an eye opener in terms of performance.

If you have any questions about a particular woodworking adze, file, or other product, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Auriou Riffler Rasps for Wood 6-10 in. Chris Pye - Auriou 2 pc Set of Rifflers for Wood (7in.)
Auriou Cabinet Makers Rasps Auriou Flat Rasps
Auriou Half Round Roughing Rasp Auriou Modelers Rasps
Auriou Rat Tail Rasps Auriou Crank Neck Curved Ironing Rasps
Auriou Needle Rasps Glen-Drake Scraper File-Burnisher
Auriou Adzes Lie-Nielsen Joinery & Planemaker's Floats
Jointer Plane
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