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Veneer Saw - Two Cherries
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Veneer Saw - Two Cherries

Two Cherries Veneer Saw

This is a popular style of saw for cutting veneer. The blade is replaceable and can be turned over so both sides are usable. The blade comes sharp enough for rough cutting through multiple thicknesses of veneer.

If you plan to use it with for precision work with a straight edge, it will be necessary to further refine the blade as follows:

Veneer Saw Sharpening Procedure

  • Remove the veneer saw blade and clamp it in a vice with the teeth close to the jaws to prevent vibration

  • Using a saw file (see note) suitable for 15-16 ppi, such as the Nicholson 4 inch Extra Extra Slim Taper File below, begin sharpening the teeth.
  • Starting at the front of the veneer saw blade, sharpen each tooth with the file held level and at 90 degrees to the surface of the blade. It should take only a couple of light passes of the file between each pair of teeth.

  • Next you will bevel the veneer saw teeth to a fine point with a with a flat mill file such as the Nicholson 8 inch file below.
  • The file should be held at a 20 degree angle to the face of the blade nearest the handle. (The flat (non-beveled) side of the veneer saw blade will ride alongside a straightedge in use) Remove only enough material to bring the teeth to a sharp point.
  • Now, remove the burr on the flat side of the blade with a 800-1200 grit stone or diamond plate.

  • Reinstall the blade and your freshly sharpened veneer saw is ready to go!

  • Note: Saw files differ from standard triangular fines in that they have a small radius on each edge rather than coming to a sharp point. This this serves to create a tooth gullet which is less susceptible to cracking or clogging.

The handle listed below each file is the correct size. For safety and ease of use, we recommend using files with handles in place.

Additional veneer saw blades are available. Some people like to have a spare or use slightly different sharpening profiles depending on the work at hand.

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 Veneer Saw - Two Cherries
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  Veneer Saw - Two Cherries
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Veneer Saw Replacement Blade - Two Cherries
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