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  Lie-Nielsen Bevel Edge, Mortise, Skew and Fishtail Chisels From Craftsman Studio

Lie-Nielsen Chisels are based on the Stanley 750 Bevel Edge Socket Chisels. Socket chisels are not common these days, perhaps because they are expensive to make, but Stanley and others once produced these chisels in a vast array. Socket chisel handles are less likely to break than tang chisels, and can be replaced easily. These chisels are particularly comfortable in the hand and have excellent balance.

Handles come standard with Maine-harvested Hornbeam. Hornbeam, also known as Ironwood, was once prized for its toughness, but usually winds up as firewood these days. This under-utilized species makes superb chisel handles.

Craftsman Studio is an Authorized Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Dealer.

Lie-Nielsen Bevel Edge Chisels Lie-Nielsen Skew Bevel Edge Chisel Sets
Lie-Nielsen Corner Chisels Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisels
Lie-Nielsen Mortise Chisels Lie-Nielsen Drawer Lock Chisels - Set of 2
Jointer Plane
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