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Norton Waterstones
Norton Waterstones

Large Norton waterstones in the 8x3x1 in size are available in four single grits and three combination grit stones. Well suited for chisels, plane blades and scraper blades. These waterstones wear better and cut faster than typical Japanese stones. For best results, use the system of 220 through 8000 grits.

  • Packaged in blue plastic case with base which acts as water reservoir
  • Norton waterstones use premium abrasives
  • Fast cutting action and long stone life
  • Works well in a wide variety of tool steels
  • Easily flattened when necessary using sandpaper or the Norton Flattening Stone (sold separately)
  • Norton stones can be safely left in water for extended periods of time
  • Size: 8x3x1 in.
  • Made in Mexico

  • Limited to stock on hand - Sorry no backorders - Please do not order if status is Sold Out
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Normally ships in:
Norton 220 Grit Waterstone 8x3x1in - 65 Micron
   Price: $25.00  
Sold Out

Norton 1000 Grit Waterstone 8x3x1in - 14 Micron
   Price: $40.00  
Sold Out

Norton 4000 Grit Waterstone 8x3x1in - 6 Micron
   Price: $55.00  
Sold Out

Norton 8000 Grit Waterstone 8x3x1in - 3 Micron
   Price: $80.00  
Sold Out

Norton Combo 220-1000 Grit Waterstone 8x3x1in
   Price: $35.00  
Sold Out

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