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  New and Interesting Products Recently Added to the Craftsman Studio Line-up

New and Interesting Products We've Added Recently

Chris Pye - Auriou Straight Lettering Chisels - Set of 7 Chris Pye - Auriou Lettering Gouges and Fistails - Set of 7
Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws Auriou Locksmith Knife-Rattail
Collins Pliers and 4 Miter Clamps Kit Auriou Curving Rasp
Collins Coping Foot Auriou 4-in-1 Rasp
Shaker Side Table - Schwarz (DVD) A Craftsmans Guide to Understanding Wood - Becksvoort (DVD)
Fundamentals of Inlay - Paterae - Part I - Latta (DVD) Making and Mastering Wood Planes (DVD)
Woodworkers Fretsaws by Knew Concepts Lie-Nielsen - Froes
Lie-Nielsen No.610 Low Angle Jack Rabbet Plane Lie-Nielsen No.101 Violin Maker's Plane
Hock Scratch Stock and Beader Veritas Magnetic Saw Guides
Trend - Tapered File Mini 3 Inch Fine - DWS/TF3M/F FastCap Kaizen Foam
Lie-Nielsen Small Router Plane Lie-Nielsen Large Router Plane
Auriou Riffler Rasps for Wood 6-10 in. Craftsman Studio 6 in. Steel Rule
Craftsman Studio Plane Sole Wax - 1.8 oz. Bar Hock Block Plane Kit
Hock Shoulder Plane Kit Hock Spokeshave Kit
17th Century New England Carving (DVD) Stanley Planes by the Numbers (DVD)
Cheating at Hand-Cut Dovetails - (DVD) Lie-Nielsen Drawknives
Lie-Nielsen Joinery Tool Set - The Plane Set Lie-Nielsen Joinery Tool Set - The Works
17th Century New England Carving (DVD) BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks
Jointer Plane
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