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  New and Interesting Products Recently Added to the Craftsman Studio Line-up

New and Interesting Products We've Added Recently

Chris Pye - Auriou Straight Lettering Chisels - Set of 7 Chris Pye - Auriou Lettering Gouges and Fistails - Set of 7
Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws Auriou Locksmith Knife-Rattail
Collins Pliers and 4 Miter Clamps Kit Auriou Curving Rasp
Collins Miter Clamps - Set of 12 Collins Coping Foot
Auriou 4-in-1 Rasp Shaker Side Table - Schwarz (DVD)
A Craftsmans Guide to Understanding Wood - Becksvoort (DVD) Fundamentals of Inlay - Paterae - Part I - Latta (DVD)
Making and Mastering Wood Planes (DVD) Woodworkers Fretsaws by Knew Concepts
Lie-Nielsen - Froes Lie-Nielsen No.610 Low Angle Jack Rabbet Plane
Lie-Nielsen No.101 Violin Maker's Plane Hock Scratch Stock and Beader
Veritas Magnetic Saw Guides Trend - Tapered File Mini 3 Inch Fine - DWS/TF3M/F
FastCap Kaizen Foam Lie-Nielsen Small Router Plane
Lie-Nielsen Large Router Plane Auriou Riffler Rasps for Wood 6-10 in.
Craftsman Studio 6 in. Steel Rule Craftsman Studio Plane Sole Wax - 1.8 oz. Bar
Hock Block Plane Kit Hock Shoulder Plane Kit
Hock Spokeshave Kit 17th Century New England Carving (DVD)
Stanley Planes by the Numbers (DVD) Cabriole Legs Simplified (DVD)
Cheating at Hand-Cut Dovetails - (DVD) Exercises in Woodworking Part 1 (DVD)
Lie-Nielsen Drawknives Lie-Nielsen Joinery Tool Set - The Plane Set
Lie-Nielsen Joinery Tool Set - The Works 17th Century New England Carving (DVD)
BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks
Jointer Plane
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