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Sharp Skate 3 Dual Dock
Sharp Skate 3 Dual Dock

Sharp Skate 3 Dual Dock by Harrelson Stanley.

Harrelson's Sharp Skate 3 is designed to repeatedly produce high precision edges on woodworking chisels and planes. This tool is easy to setup and a joy to use. Achieve perfectly flat bevels on all your tools every time.

Side sharpening doubles the efficiency of your sharpening regardless of the system or stones you use. It allows firm pressure of the tool against the sharpening media while moving in both directions - and without fear of gouging the stone or damaging the edge. This is why many people side-sharpen by hand.

Harrelson Stanley's Sharp Skate 3 brings greater precision and ease of use to the sharpening table.
When preparing a tool for the first time, a moderate amount of steel must be removed. Sharp Skate allows greater pressure for faster cutting and the welcome option of changing hand positions.

Get the most out of your costly waterstones. Sharp Skate 3 allows you to use 100 percent the media because you can work from front to back and edge to edge.

Sharp Skate 3 Features:

  • Blade Handling: Holds blades up to 3 in. wide from short plane irons to framing chisels
  • Built In Skew Sharpening: Sharp Skate 3 has positive stops to accommodate 18, 22 and 28 degree skew blades. Other angles can be can be locked in place as well.
  • Built-in alignment: Steps in the top blade clamp allow precise and repeatable side-to-side alignment. Re-engineered Dual Dock permits quick and precise angle setting in one degree increments from 20-45 degrees .
  • Hex Socket: Provides additional leverage on holding screw for large blades or long chisels.
  • Replaceable wheels: Wheels are easily replaced by removing the slotted retaining screw.
  • Additional Info: (Broadband Video) Sharp Skate
  • Sharp Skate 3 Warranty: Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty - See for details
  • Manufactured by: HMS Enterprises, Inc
  • Model: SK3
  • Made in USA
  • See Sharp Skate images by Harrelson Stanley below for additional detail

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Sharp Skate 3 Dual Dock
   Price: $169.95  
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