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Shapton Waterstones and Professional Stones

Experience the difference with a professional quality sharpening system

Shapton GlassStone waterstones take sharpening to a new level
of efficiency and precision

Precisely graded media mated with an engineered binder produces stones which cut fast and are long-wearing

Thirteen grits from 120 to 30,000 offer solutions for Chisels, Plane Irons, Chef's Knives and Straight Razors

See GlassStones
See Professional Stones

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Auriou Riffler Rasps for Wood 6-10 in. Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws
Shapton (HR) GlassStone Waterstones Lie-Nielsen - Froes
Making and Mastering Wood Planes (DVD) Making and Mastering Wood Planes - 2nd Rev Ed. - David Finck
Hock Scratch Stock and Beader FastCap Kaizen Foam
Sawing Fundimentals - Schwarz (DVD) Lie-Nielsen Joinery Tool Set - The Plane Set
Lie-Nielsen Joinery Tool Set - The Works Veritas Dual Marking Gauge
Shapton Professional Series Waterstones Making Ladder Back Chairs With Russ Filbeck
Hock Chip Carving Knives Czeck Edge Marking Knives and Awls
Stropping Supplies Handplane Basics - A Better Way to Use Bench Planes - Schwarz (DVD)
Made By Hand - Fidgen
Jointer Plane
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