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  Hock Replacement Blades For Stanley and Record Planes From Craftsman Studio

Hock Tools is a small metalworking cottage industry located in the middle of Mendocino's renowned woodworking enclave.

Ron Hock starting out making knives in 1981. It wasn't long before the staff and students at James Krenov's Fine Woodworking Program at the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg convinced Ron to retool to make plane irons for them. It turns out that woodworkers are very appreciative of better-quality tools and one blade led to another and another and it wasn't long before they were making only woodworking tools.

For twenty years their tools have been handcrafted to satisfy the demands of the most discriminating professional. Hock blades are the defacto standard for replacement blades and many people replace factory blades in a new plane with a Hock because of the superior sharpening and edge-holding properties. These extra thick blades also tend to reduce chatter when working difficult woods. Add one of Ron's new heavy duty chipbreakers and you have a winning combination.

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Using Hock Blades
An Eight-Minute Seminar about Why Hock Blades are Better, How to Adjust Your Plane for Best Performance and the "Zero Radius" Goal of Sharpening
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