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  Replacement Plane Blades & Hock Plane Blades from Craftsman Studio

Replacement Plane Blades

It is necessary to replace blades when the original blade is worn out, damaged or sometimes of inferior quality. If you notice that your blade requires more frequent sharpening, this may be a result of the fact that blades are often hardened only 1/2" or so behind the factory edge. This is done for safety reasons and to prevent the blade from cracking when it is clamped in the plane.

You will find excellent replacement plane blades from each of our suppliers. 

  • Hock Tools has the widest selection of blades in both high-carbon steel (HCS) and cryogenically treated A2 tool steel. 
  • All Lie-Nielsen blades are cryogenically treated A2 tool steel. 
  • IBC/Cosman matched blade and chip breaker sets provide the capability to install premium plane thickness blades (.140 in.) into older Stanley and Record planes.

Whether you’re looking for Hock plane blades, spokeshave blades, or scraper blades from Lie-Nielsen, Craftsman Studio offers a wide range of replacement blades. If you’re having trouble locating a particular product, please contact us.

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