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  Wood Carving Tools, Tool Sets & Two Cherries Chisels from Craftsman Studio

Wood Carving Tools

A carving tool set is a staple of any woodworker’s arsenal. They give you the ability to shape your creation and add intricate details. We offer wood carving tools from the best brands on the market, like Two Cherries and Auriou Toolworks.

Two Cherries

Since 1858, the family owned firm of Wilh. Schmitt & Company in Remscheid Germany has produced world-class carving tools made to a very high standard with fully polished blades and octagonal hornbeam handles.

Two Cherries chisels are made with high-quality, heat-treated German steel. These chisels hold an edge longer than most others and offer quality cuts and performance.

Auriou Toolworks

Auriou Toolworks in France makes Chris Pye gouges which have the older, 'allongee' style of blade that splays from the shoulder. They are lighter to use and have corners that are more available for cutting. The gouges also feature thin walls that are of uniform thickness.

Please take a look through our shop, and let us know if you have any questions.

Tool Selection for Beginning Carvers FAQ

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