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Auriou Modelers Rasps

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Modelers rasps are for more detailed work. They are narrower, thinner and finer-grained than the Cabinet Rasps

Auriou rasps are made by hand at the Forge de Saint Juery in Saint Juery a small town close to the beautiful city of Albi 80 miles north east of Toulouse in Southwest France. Saint Juery once housed over 3000 rasp and file makers, now there is just the Auriou Toolworks at Forge de Saint Juery. The factory has a small team of highly skilled toolmakers recognized for making the finest hand stitched rasps in the world. They are experts in true free forging of tools (as opposed to drop forging) and also make stone carving and masons tools, carving adzes, drawknives, plaster and gilding tools.

A final word on care and cleaning: Don't use a wire brush, use a natural fiber brush. Camellia oil or WD40, keep separate from other tools to prevent damage to the teeth.

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