1. Bridge City Chopstick Master Gen.2

Bridge City Chopstick Master Gen.2

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The Chopstick Master™ allows anybody, regardless of experience, age 8 and up, to make a pair of gallery quality, flawless chopsticks. Each chopstick starts out as a 270mm x 7mm square blank. When completed, it becomes a gracefully tapered and perfectly proportioned chopstick that is square on the outboard end and transitions to an impeccable octagonal tip either 2mm or 5mm in diameter. The finish of the wood, because it was cut with a block plane, is as smooth as you can make wood. The final touch, a pyramidal finial, is cut with a few simple passes over the adjustable stop and takes a few minutes to complete. This cut elevates the chopstick from amateur to professional status. It is possible for one’s very first woodworking project to be perfect even by someone with ZERO woodworking skills. 

The Chopstick Master™ comes complete with enough blanks to make 10 pairs of chopsticks, and when you divide the cost of the kit by 10, you can get a ball park cost for a pair of chopsticks. Over a period of time, as you make more and more chopsticks, the initial cost of the unit becomes almost negligible. Currently in the U.S., hand-made finished chopsticks are retailing around $60, and they can go much higher.