1. Bridge City MS-2v2 Miter Square

Bridge City MS-2v2 Miter Square

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Miter joints are one of the simplest but also most frustrating joints to make. Consider that a picture frame has two miter cuts per corner and your layout tool is accurate to .003". After 8 cuts, you will have a total tolerance add up of .024", about 1/32" which is very visible and unacceptable. The MS-2v2 and is accurate to .001" on both sides of the blade, giving you a much tighter fit and beautiful joints. The blade itself is hardened stainless steel and is treated for greater corrosion resistance. It is durable enough that you can use a marking knife without fear of damaging the blade. It is also finished by glass bead blasting so that you have a superb matte finish that can be written on with a pencil and easily wiped off. The handle is ergonomically designed for a positive grip and is anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The square is also adjustable should it ever be dropped and go out of alignment. Its styling is attractive and tempts the user to leave it out where it will always be seen.


Accurate to .001" for perfect miter joints. Hardened stainless steel blade which will not be damaged when used with a marking knife. Blade surface suitable for layout pencil marks. Fully adjustable back to 45° if dropped. Ergonomic aluminum handle which is easy to use in any orientation.


Overall blade length: 11" (279.4mm). Overall handle length: 5.74" (145.1mm). Handle width: 1.64" (41.6mm).