1. Bridge City TS-1V2 Try Square

Bridge City TS-1V2 Try Square

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Working with tools which fit the job is always the best option. Would you want to use a framing square when building a small jewelry box? The 5" blade of the TS-1v2 is a perfect for these small jobs and it fits in your apron pocket too! This try square has all the same features as our larger squares. The blade is hardened stainless steel so that you can use a marking knife without concern of damaging your blade. It is accurate to .002" on the outside and inside edges. The blade is passivated to improve resistance to corrosion; glass bead-blasted to give it a non-glare matte finish and you can mark it with a pencil and easily wipe it clean. There are no scales, making it great for transferring the pencil marks from one work piece to another as needed. The blade also has an 8:1 dovetail cutout for quick convenient dovetail layouts. It is also slightly rounded on each of the corners to avoid deformation should you drop it. The ergonomic handle is made of two anodized aircraft-grade aluminum mirror-image pieces which provide a secure foundation to hold the blade. Its design provides a "positive grip" so that it can be used in many orientations with less chance of dropping it. The orange anodized aluminum trim piece adds to the beauty of the square and it is functional in that it allows for the disassembly of the square if it needs to be re-squared or fixed. Also, the rattle is intentional to add to the uniqueness of this try square. The TS-1v2 will become one of your "forever" squares. With its stainless steel and anodized aluminum parts, a blade which can be re-squared, an overall beautiful design, and a with little care on your part, you will never need to replace it.


5" hardened stainless steel blade accurate to .002". The blade is treated to be corrosion-resistant and have a superior matte finish which is non-glare and easy to mark with a pencil. The corners are rounded to avoid damage if dropped. The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and it is easy to hold in any orientation. The handle design allows for the blade to be re-squared if needed. An 8:1 dovetail cutout provides for convenient layout of dovetails on any edge.


Overall length: 3" (75.7mm)