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Buck Brothers, a pre-eminent name in the manufacture of edge tools, was formed by John, Charles and Richard T. Buck in 1853 after emigrating from Sheffield, England where their grandfather managed the Newbould edge tool factory and their father spent his life working. They began manufacturing at the Riverlin Works in Millbury, Massachusetts in 1864 and quickly developed a reputation for the finest quality edge tools. (Based on research and notes of Kenneth D. Roberts)

Buck Brothers chisels are made from specially modified high carbon steel, they are hardened to Rc59 and tempered to produce a sharp long lasting edge.

The photo (the upper) left (Courtesy of Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools) depicts tools representative of pre 1900 chisels manufactured by Buck Bros. It is interesting to note the similarities between these antiques and those still offered today (upper right). The bench chisels appear nearly identical, down to the leather shock absorbing washers at the end of the handle. The handle design of the paring chisels is very close and the bent shank of the current cranked neck chisel retains the blue color from heating much like the antique.

We feel these tools provide a valuable link to the past and a rare opportunity to participate in the proud tradition of a fine company which has manufactured continuously in Millbury, Massachusetts for over 150 years.

If you're uncertain, buy one and try it out. If you like it, we will be happy to credit it towards the purchase of a set so you can take advantage of the set discount.

Additional Views: Illustration of the Buck Brothers Riverlin works taken from their 1890 Catalogue which offered 120 pages of fine edge tools.
These chisels are still made
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