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Buck Bros.Bench Chisels - Set of 6 (1/4-3/8-1/2- 5/8- 3/4-1 in.)

On sale: $74.90 $64.99
Part Number: C007300
Availability: Out of Stock.
Buck Bros. Bench Chisels hand forged from specially modified high carbon tool steel hardened to Rc59 and tempered to produce a sharp long-lasting cutting edge. Comfortable hardwood handles with traditional leather washers at the top to absorb mallet impact.

Length overall: 11 inches. Blade length: 4-3/4 inches measured from the bolster. Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.

Buy these chisels for only a about a dollar a piece more than the plastic handle variety and enjoy a quality tool backed by 150 years of Buck Bros. experience in manufacturing fine edge tools. Limited quantity ...while they last.

Additional Info: Buck Bros. Chisels

Note: In the photo, the large paring chisel on which the bench chisels rest is a prop. It is not a bench chisel and is not included in any of the sets below.

These chisels are still made in Milbury Massachusetts USA - Unlike the Plastic Handled variety sold in the big box stores.


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