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Chris Pye - Auriou 11 pc Carving Tool Set

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Set of 11 tools gives you many carving choices: deep gouges for shaping, medium for modeling, flat gouges for smoothing surfaces, and the ever-useful V tool; and with these tools you'll have the means of carving a wide range of subjects. Octagonal ash handles with a slight curve to fit the hand are fitted with brass ferrules

  • 60 deg. V tool x 10mm (3/8in.)
  • 3 sweep x 8mm (1/4 in.)
  • 3 sweep x 14mm (9/16 in.)
  • 3 sweep x 20 mm (13/16 in.)
  • 6 sweep x 8mm (1/4 in.)
  • 6 sweep x 14mm (9/16 in.)
  • 6 sweep x 20 mm (13/16 in.)
  • 9 sweep x 8mm (1/4 in.)
  • 9 sweep x 14mm (9/16 in.)
  • 9 sweep x 20 mm (13/16 in.)
  • Straight Skew Chisel Width 10 mm
Chris Pye comments "I'm pleased to say that Forge de Saint Juery has begun producing their revised Auriou woodcarving tools"

"Auriou woodcarving tools have been among my favorites since I began carving.
Uniquely their blades are forged by beating out a blank of steel to length before hammering the cross-section profile. This creates a very resilient grain structure in the metal which, when hardened to Rockwell 58C, underpins their great edge-holding properties.

I recently had the privilege of working with Auriou on a re-design of their woodcarving tools. The new gouges have the older, 'allongee' style of blade that splays from the shoulder: they are lighter to use, the corners are more available for cutting, and their thin walls are of a uniform thickness.

I'm confident that you have here some of the finest carving tools being made today and I'm proud to endorse both the tools and the caring, traditional manner in which they are made.

You can look forward to my further collaboration with Auriou as we expand the range with additional sets of woodcarving tools.
Made in France