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Lie-Nielsen No. 51 Shoot Board Plane

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Part Number: A455
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No. 51 Shoot Board Plane

This single purpose plane is designed to trim miters and other end grain cuts on a shooting board. The skewed cut is exceptionally effective.

Stanley first made its version in 1909. Lie-Nielsen redesigned the body casting to utilize our standard 2-3/8" Bench Plane Blade and Frog with the Bedrock adjustment.

  • Just over 9 lbs (heavier than the original.)
  • 15" long x 3-9/16" wide.
  • Shoulder height of 2-1/8".

Will fit the original Stanley 52 Chute Board. We plan to offer a companion Shooting Board in the future.

Click here to download plans to make your own shooting board.