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Lie-Nielsen No.8 Jointer Plane
Lie-Nielsen No.8 Jointer Plane

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No. 8 Jointer Plane

The longest and heaviest of the bench planes, the No. 8 will flatten and true like no other. It is capable of precise joints and perfect flatness of large areas.

  • 24" long.
  • Blade is 2-5/8" wide x .170" thick.
  • Iron body.
  • 10 lbs.
  • Bench Planes

    Lie-Nielsen Bench Planes (except for the No. 1) are based on the Stanley Bedrock-type planes. Bedrocks were Stanley’s top line of Bench Planes, heavier and better made than the standard. In addition, the construction of the frog is unique — it features a fully machined fit between frog and body, adjustable from the rear without having to remove the blade and cap. This allows you to easily change the mouth setting from a coarse to fine cut for difficult woods or fine smoothing passes.


    All Bench Plane blades are bedded at 45° with the bevel down.

    Blade Sharpening:

    Your Lie-Nielsen Bench Plane is ready to cut wood out of the box. The blade is ground sharp at a 25° bevel. A secondary bevel of up to 5 degrees helps achieve a razor edge quickly. This also improves edge life in hardwoods.

    Mouth Adjustment:

    To adjust the mouth opening, loosen the two locking screws at the back of the frog; then turn the middle adjuster screw. Observe the opening in front of the blade. When it is correct, set the locking screws again.


    Our Chipbreaker is 1/8" thick. The raised lip under the bevel of the chip-breaker is back beveled 1° to ensure that the leading edge contacts the blade firmly. You should never need to dress this surface, but if you do, use a very fine stone and be sure to maintain the angle. The 25° bevel may be honed occasionally. For general work, set the end of the chipbreaker about 1/16" from the cutting edge of the blade; for the finest smoothing work, set it closer to the edge.

    Blade Adjustment:

    To advance the blade, turn the adjuster nut clockwise. It is always a good idea to finish adjusting the blade by a forward adjustment to take up backlash and to prevent the blade from moving. In order to be able to adjust the blade easily, do not overtighten the lever cap screw.

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