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Lie-Nielsen No.97-1/2 Small Chisel Plane
Lie-Nielsen No.97-1/2  Small Chisel Plane

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Chisel Plane

A Chisel Plane can accomplish tasks impossible for normal planes. Because it lacks support in front of the blade, a Chisel Plane does not function like a typical plane but rather more like a paring chisel with very precise depth control. It makes a wonderful clean up tool, excellent at removing dry glue, flush-trimming plugs or joints, smoothing rabbets, and reaching into right-angle corners.

Our Chisel Plane is a very handy half-sized version of the original Stanley No. 97. Bronze body and cap, Cherry knob, Stainless Steel blade adjuster with hefty 3/16" blade.

  • 6-1/2" long x 1-3/4" wide
  • Blade is 1-3/4" wide x 3/16" thick
  • Weight is 2.35 lbs.

Chisel Plane Setup and Use
  • Chisel Plane

    A Chisel Plane is not meant to function as an ordinary plane because it has no support ahead of the blade. However, as a clean-up tool, with the blade set flush with the sole, this plane excels at removing glue, trimming plugs and dovetails flush and also for working into hard-to-get-at corners, rabbets, etc. Pressure on the rear knob will keep the body flat on the workpiece.

    In many cases, even the Small Chisel Plane will best be used with two hands, one pressing on the back half, and the other guiding the front. The extra heavy 3/16" blade should be kept very sharp, and extra care should be taken to avoid getting your fingers near the sharp edge.


    The blade is bedded at 12°, making the included cutting angle 37°.

    Blade Adjustment:

    Blade adjustment is simple, direct and positive. Hold the tool in one hand with your thumb on the cap. Loosen the cap iron thumbscrew all the way, then tighten slightly until there is a little resistance. Adjust depth of cut with the stainless steel nut. When you are done, snug the cap thumbscrew. Do not overtighten.

    Blade Sharpening:

    The blade comes ready to use. Slight additional honing will increase performance. A secondary bevel of up to 5 degrees helps achieve a razor edge quickly. For more information on advanced sharpening we suggest David Charlesworth’s DVD Hand Tool Techniques Part 1: Plane Sharpening.

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