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Lie-Nielsen No.62 Low Angle Jack Plane

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Low Angle Jack Plane

Patterned after the Stanley No. 62, the Low Angle Jack Plane is one of our most versatile and outstanding planes. The massive blade is set bevel-up in the milled bed at 12 Degrees, giving you maximum support of the cutting edge and a low angle of attack. The precise depth adjuster, moveable shoe for adjustment of the mouth opening, and the hefty blade allow you to tackle the most difficult jobs with the power of a Jack or the finesse of a Smoother.

  • 14" long. Blade is 2" wide x .175" thick, bedded at 12 Degrees.
  • Iron body, Bronze cap. Weight 4.55 lbs.

The trick to getting the most out of this plane is to have multiple blades honed to different angles for a variety of tasks.

For example: 25 Degrees for end grain work, 33 Degrees for smoothing, 38 Degrees for tackling wavy grain with less tear out, a Toothed Blade for aggressive removal of material with less effort, and a 90 Degrees Scraper Blade.

Our optional 'Hot Dog' attaches to the side of the plane and makes shooting more comfortable. Powder-coated aluminum.