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Lie-Nielsen 60 1/2 Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Plane
Lie-Nielsen Small Block Plane

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Lie-Nielsen 60 1/2 Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Planes

Based on the Stanley No. 60½ this versatile plane is useful for every sort of woodworking job and a pleasure to use.

The movable shoe in front of the blade allows you to easily and precisely adjust the mouth opening: fine mouth for finishing work and thin shavings, or ample opening for rank cuts.

Ductile Iron body is surface ground flat and square to a tolerance of .001" or better. Large, comfortable Bronze cap is tensioned with a 1-1/2" Brass spinwheel. Like our other block planes, the blade is adjusted with a captive nut for precise control with minimal backlash.

The blade in the low angle version (No. 60½) is bedded at 12 Degrees for fine cuts and end grain. Weight 1.5 lbs.

  • 6-1/4" long
  • Blade is 1-3/8" wide x 1/8" thick.
  • Adjustable Mouth Block Planes:

    The Adjustable Mouth Block Plane is a general purpose tool, useful for fine trimming and finishing work, as well as rapid stock removal. The body has an adjustable shoe to allow quick and easy control of the mouth opening. The best finishes will be obtained with the blade set to take a very small cut, and with the mouth opening no larger than necessary to pass the chip. When you want to cut more aggressively, open the mouth more and advance the blade for deeper cut. For best results on end grain, set the blade and mouth fine.


    In the Low Angle Plane, the blade is bedded at 12°, making the included cutting angle 37°. In the Standard Angle, it is bedded at 20°, for a 45° cutting angle. Both blades come with a 25° flat ground bevel.

    Blade Sharpening:

    The blade comes ready to use. Slight additional honing will increase performance. A secondary bevel of up to 5 degrees helps achieve a razor edge quickly. This also improves edge life in hardwoods. For more information on advanced sharpening we suggest David Charlesworth’s DVD Hand Tool Techniques Part 1: Plane Sharpening.

    Mouth Adjustment:

    Hold the sole in the palm of your hand and loosen the brass locking screw. Adjust with the brass lever. Tighten the screw firmly, but do not overtighten.

    Blade Adjustment:

    Hold the tool in one hand with your fingers supporting the sole and your thumb on the cap iron just in front of the screw. Loosen the spinwheel and, with your thumb still holding the blade and cap, adjust the blade. Tighten the spinwheel. Do not overtighten. You should be able to adjust the blade after loosening the spinwheel about ¼ turn. Make sure the mouth is adequately open before advancing the blade to avoid damaging the edge.

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Lie-Nielsen Tool Care Kit Toothed Blade for 9-1/2 - 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane Leather Holster For  Low Angle Adj. Mouth Block Plane LIe-Nielsen Honing Guide

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