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Lie-Nielsen Tapered Tenon Saw (16 in - 11 PPI Rip)

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Lie-Nielsen Tapered Tenon Saw

We've redesigned our three most popular back saws to feature a slight tapering of the blade from toe to heel. This taper gives you better control over precise cuts. When you reach the gauge line on the front of your stock, the blade is slightly above the line on the back side, which reduces the risk of sawing past your line. In addition, the taper introduces an angled approach to your stock (when holding the saw back parallel to the bench), enabling faster cuts with less effort.

Our Tapered Tenon Saw is similar to our 16" Thin Plate Tenon Saw but with a 3/8" taper along the length of the blade. The cutting depth is 3 " at the toe and 3-3/8 " at the heel. The saw plate is .020" thick. Teeth are filed rip, 11 ppi, set at .004" per side. Overall length, including handle, is 21-1/4", with a blade length of 16." Overall height is 7."

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