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Lie-Nielsen Tenon Saw Rip 16"
Lie-Nielsen Tapered Tenon Saw Rip 16"

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Lie-Nielsen Tenon Saw Rip 16"

A Tenon Saw is a large backsaw used for making deep, accurate cuts in furniture joinery. It should make straight, fast cuts without binding. Based on a classic Henry Disston model from the early 20th century, our Tenon Saws have Curly Maple handles, Brass fittings, and stout ¾" x ¼" milled Brass backs. These saws are solid, well balanced and smooth cutting. Filed rip for cutting tenons, which is with the grain.


Our Thin Plate, 16" Tenon Saw features a .020" blade and cuts exceptionally fast. Length overall is 21-1/4" and it has a 3" depth of cut at the toe and 3 1/8" at the heel. Teeth are set at .004" (.10mm) per side. Filed rip at 11 ppi.

  • We believe that our Back Saws are the finest made anywhere. Solid milled Brass back, best quality Swedish Steel blade, Curly Maple handle and traditional Brass saw nuts and bolts.


    You will find that your saw is a joy to use. Unlike most saws on the market, every Lie-Nielsen saw has been precision set, filed, and test cut in hardwood before it leaves the shop.The first thing you’ll need to know about your saw is how to hold it. This may seem obvious, but many people try to wrap all four fingers around the handle. The proper grip is to wrap the middle, ring, and little fingers around the handle with the forefinger pointing along the Brass back. You’ll discover that in doing so, you will have much better control over how your saw tracks, and it will also feel very comfortable and natural.

    Your saw is very sharp when it arrives. When starting a cut, hold the saw blade so it is flush with the top of the stock. It is not necessary to tilt your saw at an angle when cutting. Best performance is obtained by sawing slowly and evenly with very little downward pressure, using as much of the blade as possible. Your saw will track right to the line. Be aware, however, that due to the slight set, your saw will be hard to correct if it starts to cut away from the line. If that happens, it’s because you didn’t line it up properly when you started.

    Practice on some scrap wood to acquaint yourself with how your saw cuts. If you had a poor sawing technique before, your new saw will force you to learn the proper sawing technique. Don’t worry — once learned, it’ll be smooth cutting. If your saw seems to “grab” the wood and jump around in the kerf, you’re using too much downward pressure. Ease up a bit and take long slow strokes.


    The handle on your saw is finished with a wiping varnish for the beauty of a hand-rubbed finish. Closed handle saws have a conventional bolt and nut. The slotted screwdrivers designed to fit our Tenon Saw nuts (No. 3) is available from us.

Lie-Nielsen Tool Care Kit 16-inch Tenon Saw Leather Case Lie-Nielsen Screwdriver No.3 - Tenon Saw Nut - Curly Maple
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Our Price: $55.00
Our Price: $25.00
Lie-Nielsen Tool Care Kit 16-inch Tenon Saw Leather Case LN Screwdriver No.3 - Tenon Saw Nut - Curly Maple

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