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Shapton GlassStone Set - 1000/4000/8000

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Shapton GlassStone Set

The perfect set for sharpening all your woodworking tools. This Shapton GlassStone set include a coarse 1000 grit, medium 4000 grit, and a fine 8000 grits.

Shapton Company in Japan produces the GlassStone line of sharpening products. Shapton glass stones are third-generation products that benefit from continuous improvement gained from experience with waterstones made for the Japanese market and the Shapton HR sold here in the US.
Shapton GlassStones differ from other waterstones:
  • GlassStones are made with finely graded ceramic cutting media which wears much more slowly than aluminum oxide and silicon carbide commonly found in man-made waterstones. This results in a similar thickness of material lasting 4-5 times longer.
  • The GlassStone media is very dense and does not absorb water. This means you don’t have to maintain them in water or wait for them to soak prior to use.
  • Shapton water stones use a binding matrix that is carefully engineered to reveal sharp new cutting media for efficient stock removal while retaining some of the worn media which provides a simultaneous polishing effect. This balance results in a better edge with less work.
  • Shapton sharpening stones feature a precision-ground flat-glass base that lets you use all of the media right down to the glass. Other waterstones typically crack and break as they become thin.
  • Shapton's GlassStone Series is competitively priced, long-wearing, requires less flattening and no soaking, and cuts quickly.


Shapton Set Holder
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