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Starrett Combination Square

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Starrett Combination Squares (12 in. shown) with reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level (except 4"), and hardened steel, machine-divided blade. Cast iron head with black wrinkle finish. Click on the image below to see how combination squares are used.

These Starrett tools should not be confused with the imitation plastic or die cast heads on the market. When it comes to laying out joinery precisely, the accuracy of these tools allow you to do your best work.
4R Graduations = 4 scales (2 on each blade side) One side is divided into one 8ths and one 16ths scale. The other is divided into 32nds and 64ths quick reading scales. Quick reading scales number the units (16ths or 32nds) at regular intervals which makes reading much faster.
Starrett's Machine Divided scales are far clearer and easier to read than etched scales. Models with Satin Chrome scales are given a heavy satin chrome finish which is brighter and easier to read, especially in less than perfect lighting conditions.
Center head is useful for locating the center of a rod or dowel.
Protractor head is used to lay out or measuring angles with a high degree of precision.


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