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Two Cherries Skew Chisel - Individual

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Two Cherries Straight Chisels - Sweep 1 - Lengths range from 9 - 11-1/2 in.depending on the size (width).
The chisels and gouges are described by sweep and width. (01/12mm) = 1 Sweep, 12mm wide

Two Cherries Tools are still largely made the same way in which they were made decades ago and still produced in our factory in Remscheid Germany. The finest steel is used throughout the product line, and skilled craftsmen still work with diligence to bring you a tool that you will be proud to own and love to work with. Take care of these tools, your children and grandchildren will thank you.
Carefully forged blades are skillfully heat treated in a salt immersion bath to achieve a Rockwell Hardness of 61C. This means that sharpening the chisels may take an extra few minutes, but they will hold an edge significantly longer than just about any other brand on the market. After heat treating, the blades are polished to a rich finish that makes them a joy to use. Fitting size-appropriate handles made from European Hardwood is the final step in producing these highest quality German Chisels.