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Veritas Bench Dogs 4-3/8 in - Set of 2

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Veritas Bench Dogs Sets of 2

Cutting square bench dog mortises is hard enough when you are building a bench; it is particularly difficult in a finished bench. Yet good dogs make a bench far more functional.
These bench dogs are made from solid brass rod and can be installed in any bench by drilling a 3/4in. hole. Brass dogs are not only non-corroding, but are kinder to your tools if you happen to slip and strike one with a sharp edge. The combined crosshatching and 2 Degrees inward slope of the dog face hold wood very securely. The side spring lets the dog slide smoothly, but holds it well at any desired projection.

The bench dogs (at 4-3/8 on.) are standard length.

The set of Veritas pups is perfect for clamping on the front of any bench or table where you can drill 3/4 in. diameter holes. Includes one Bench Pup and one Wonder Pup clamp.

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