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Veritas Dovetail Saw - 14 TPI

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The Veritas saws combine the best characteristics of the classic fine joinery saw with those of state-of-the-art materials and construction methods. The tooth pattern on the thin high-carbon steel blade provides a good balance between cutting action and surface finish. The pistol-grip design of the wooden handle makes it intuitive to hold the saw such that the index finger rests on the stainless-steel/glass/polymer composite spine, which provides strength and rigidity. 

When cutting joints, it is desirable to match the tooth pattern to the thickness of the material you are using. The standard dovetail saw, with 14 tpi, is intended for material 1/2 in. to 3/4 in. thick. The fine-tooth dovetail saw, with 20 tpi, is intended for material 1/2 in. and thinner. This is by no means a hard rule, as either dovetail saw will cut well outside these ranges; however, each is most efficient within its specified range.

    Saw Teeth Geometry
  • Standard Dovetail: The teeth on the standard dovetail saw are filed rip at 14 teeth per inch, with a 14 degree rake using the typical 60 degree included angle. Set is 0.003 in. on each side.


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