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Veritas Dual Marking Gauge

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With two independently adjustable rods, this gauge lets you set two measurements at once, so you can quickly alternate between them when transferring or marking repetitive dimensions.

Projection up to 5-3/4in. is easy to set, since an internal O-ring keeps light but constant friction on each rod; a thumbscrew locks the setting. The hardened steel wheel cutters scribe perfectly at any point of their circumference. Since they cut wood fibers rather than tear, marks are clean, even on cross grain. The cutting wheels are oriented with opposing bevels, ensuring that you can always set the bevel in the waste side of a cut.

One rod has its cutting edge at the extreme end of the rod, making it useful for transferring dimensions such as tenon shoulder and mortise depth. Each cutter can be retracted into the brass face for safe storage or to permit use with a single cutter. The eccentric placement of the rods ensures a large reference face and helps the gauge resist rolling on a surface.

The Shaft Clamp (offered below and pictured above left) for the Veritas Dual Marking Gauge lets you lock the relative position of the cutters while the offset for the fence is adjusted. Thus the mortise or tenon sizing is preserved which is useful when joining parts of different thickness or when adding a reveal. since the clamp prevents the cutter settings from shifting while the fence is being repositioned.