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Veritas Large Saddle Square

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Veritas Large Saddle Square

Many of the people who purchased our original saddle square have asked for a larger version. For these users, we present our larger saddle square, which has 1-3/8 in. x 3-3/8 in.legs to accommodate a standard 2 x 4, e.g., for stud wall layout.

This version has a slot machined through the center to help lay out stud locations. Simply mark the centers of your studs on top and bottom plate, then place the square so that the slot is on the center mark.

Mark both sides of the saddle square to give accurate and square stud locations; the large saddle square is 1-1/2 in. wide so the marks will fit nominal 2 in. lumber.

Made of anodized aluminum, with both end faces machined square to within 1/4 Degrees. - Made in Canada.

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