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Veritas Mark II Honing Guide

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Veritas Mark II Honing Guide

Veritas Mark II Honing Guide - The key to consistent and fast honing is repeat-ability and this guide delivers it in spades. The main difference in our Mk.II version is its integral blade registration system that squares the blade and sets the bevel angle in one easy step.

The Mk.II Honing Guide has three gross bevel-angle range configurations: a high-angle range (25 Degrees to 54 Degrees in seven increments), a standard-angle range (15 Degrees to 40 Degrees in six increments), and a third range for back bevels. The guide body has two mating components that lock together precisely, secured by a single thumbscrew. The registration jig slides onto the guide body, centering and squaring the blade using an integral fence. The blade stop has discrete positions for preset angles.

The Veritas mk ii retains the three-position eccentric roller of our original model, a feature that is universally liked as it allows a micro-bevel to be honed quickly and accurately after only a simple turn of a knob. No other action is needed and results are completely predictable. The 2 in wide roller is stable for even the narrowest of blades.

The honing guide can easily accommodate chisels as narrow as 1/4 in, and blades as wide as 2-7/8 in and up to 1/2 in thick. Also works with short blades such as spokeshave blades. Manufactured from die-cast zinc alloy, with precision-machined brass and steel parts.

  • Detailed instructions included
  • Made in Canada

Veritas Camber Roller (Image below)

The Veritas Mark II Honing Guide has been designed to produce accurate and repeatable square bevels on chisel and plane blades. However, when using smoothing planes on large, flat surfaces, it is desirable to hone a slight curve, or camber, into the edge of the blade. This allows the cut to taper out on each side, and avoids plane tracks in the surface.

The Veritas Camber Roller Assembly has a barrel-shaped roller that allows limited rocking, while still maintaining an accurate and consistent bevel angle. Simply replace the standard roller assembly with the camber assembly and hone, first applying more pressure on one side of the blade, and then on the other. Blade extension is still set using the registration jig, and the camber roller includes the standard eccentric system to allow micro-bevels to be honed.

Veritas Skew Registration Jig (Image Below)

The Veritas Skew Registration Jig locks into the Mk.II honing guide to make quick work of setting both skew and bevel angles (left- or right-hand) of chisel and plane blades.
The jig's machined aluminum base provides skew angle markings that are laser etched for accuracy and legibility. The skew angle graduations cover the range of 10 Degrees to 45 Degrees in 5 Degrees increments, and there are additional marks (18 Degrees, 22 Degrees, 28 Degrees) to cover the angles of popular skew plane blades.

The base has four distinct tracks providing four bevel angle settings: 20 Degrees, 25 Degrees, 30 Degrees, and 35 Degrees. (The honing guide's eccentric roller allows variation from these angles for creating a micro-bevel.) The unique sliding fence with blade stop allows you to match an existing skew angle visually even if it is non-standard.