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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is a small company in Warren, Maine which produces many of the finest woodworking hand tools available.

The founder, Thomas Lie-Nielsen takes the finest traditional designs of historical US and European makers, then adapts them to his products. His tools typically incorporate both improvements and refinements over the originals. From the care taken with the castings, to meticulous machining and final assembly, Lie-Nielsen chisels, scrapers, and other products set the standard for quality and performance.

Why buy Lie-Nielsen?

  • Refined designs optimize the performance of each tool—focus shifts to the work rather than getting the tool to perform
  • Lie-Nielsen tools are manufactured to high standards—ready-to-use out of the box
  • Thick blades of A2 steel in Lie-Nielsen planes, chisels, and other tools help prevent chatter and hold an edge longer = more woodworking, less sharpening
  • Stress relieved bronze and ductile iron bodies stay true—won't break in two if dropped like grey cast iron
  • Factory upgrades such as corrugated soles and Cocobolo handles
  • Made in USA with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty—no waiting for parts from overseas
  • Craftsman Studio is an Authorized Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Dealer
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