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Two Cherries Chisels

Two Cherries chisels are among the finest in the world. Sixty-two on the Rockwell C scale, these chisels will keep an edge for a long time. Nicely balanced with handles sized appropriately to the blade size. Specially forged in Germany, these tools will last a lifetime.
  • Blades are mirror polished
  • Hardened to Rockwell c62
  • Handles individually sized to blade
  • Handles double hooped for strength

Professional series carving tools range in length from about 9 to 12 in. depending on the width of the tool. Handles of tools 25mm and wider are double hooped for added strength. Profile diagrams are shown to give a sense of the sweeps. Exact sweep diagrams cannot be displayed due to varying screen resolutions.

All Two Cherries carving tools are built to high standards. Hornbeam handles are sized to the tools. Hand forged blades of high carbon steel are hardened to Rc62 then highly polished. These tools are well known for superior edge-holding which extends the time between sharpenings.
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