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DMT Dia-Sharp Honing Kit
DMT Dia-Sharp Honing  Kit


DMT Dia-Sharp Honing Kit for Work Sharp WS2000 and WS3000

The Magna-Disc System conducts heat away from the machine eliminating the risk of harming the temper of tools from the serious damage heat can cause. Paper discs can heat tools up to 210 Degrees F and even higher, while DMT's diamond discs do not exceed 90 Degrees F. The Magna-Discs are also available in multiple grits (45 micron, 325 grit coarse; 25 micron, 600 grit fine; and 9 micron, 1200 grit extra fine.) and can be changed much faster than traditional paper discs due to the innovative magnetic mounting system.

Magna-Discs can outlast any conventional paper abrasive disc on the market, by a wide margin. It takes more than 50 paper abrasive discs to provide the sharpening power of one DMT Magna-Disc! Magna-Discs also eliminate the hassle of air pockets, peeling and sticking when you want to change grits. No more rips or tears and no more frustration due to the rapid breakdown of paper discs.

Regardless of the grit, it takes only 15 seconds to change a DMT diamond disc, while paper discs can take up to two minutes. The Magna-Disc system includes a Sharpening Kit and a Honing Kit available below.

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TDMDS-H DMT Dia-Sharp Honing Kit
$ 61.74
TDMDS-SET DMT Dia-Sharp Honing and Sharpening Kit
(Out of Stock)
TDMDS-S DMT Dia-Sharp Sharpening Kit
$ 64.99 (Out of Stock)
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