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Shapton GlassStone Seven Knife Sharpening Kit

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Part Number: Q70708
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Sharpening stones, diamond lapping plate and stone holder all in one kit
All you need for sharpening in one innovative set

The new GlassStone Seven sharpening set from Shapton is the ultimate knife sharpening systems.  The "Seven" refers the 7mm thick abrasive layer on each stone (2mm more than their standard stones).   These "splash and go" stones require no soaking are easy to use.  The extreme flatness of the stone holder's glass support allows you to sharpen your blades with great stability. The glass surfaces of the holder and the sharpening stone match perfectly, minimizing the risk of slippage, while anti-slip fittings on the holder's bottom corners enhance stability even further.

Any time you sharpen a blade, it impairs the flatness of the sharpening stone's surface, but GlassStone Seven includes a dedicated lapping plate, making it possible to maintain this flatness - as is essential for high precision sharpening. Lapping the stone before you sharpen a blade ensures that you always obtain peak performance from your whetstones.

GlassStone Seven is made from glass and rubber, making it easy to remove dirt and keep the kit clean after sharpening your blades. Your hands stay clean, too, as you can simply wash away any slurry while sharpening, and enjoy working in a clean environment, free from concern about dirt.

All the parts making up GlassStone Seven sit comfortably in the palm of the hand, and are easy to set up and use. The kit's compact design makes it easy to store but also easy to carry with you, so that you can restore a blade's sharpness the moment you notice that it has deteriorated.

Kit includes:
  • 25 micron Stone - 600grit for restoring edges
  • 6.7 micron Stone - 2500 grit to put fine edge or quick touch up
  • .44 micron Stone - More than 30000 grit, this stone puts the ultimate edge on your knife.
  • Stone Holder
  • Diamond Flattening Plate

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